To see God working in our lives

is difficult at times—

especially when we are under stress.

We do not always understand why events happen as they do,

which begs the question: Does God know best?

Where is God when we journey through sin and darkness;

Where is God when we can’t find love or tenderness?

In our search, we must recall:

God is everywhere—in each creation great and small.

In our losses, in our triumphs, in our joys, in our sorrows,

Our Lord is with us every day;

ready to embrace us and to show us the Way.

In those times when we cannot see,

let us step back and make an earnest plea.

Our Blessed Mother will surely intercede

and help us find God’s graces—all that we need.

We may have worries, we may have fear,

but remember:

the love of our Lord is always here.

So let us be thankful in good days and bad


let us praise our God for all that we have. #

Let us continue our Journey.