As we gather around the Christmas tree

with presents piled on the floor,

there is an expectation that will be—

a wanting for something more.

What are we looking for under the tree?

Among the gifts and wrappings,

what do we expect to see?

It’s a certain something we won’t find

tucked in a box or in wrappings all entwined.

Not tied with ribbons or fancy bows,

but it’s a gift worth giving, Heaven knows.

Yes, what we seek comes from above;

Our Lord’s Heavenly graces

wrapped with mercy and with love.

God’s good graces are ours to be;

ready to fill our souls

for our salvation and eternity.

This gift was made possible as we know

because of a miracle

born so long ago.

A humble handmaid, all meek and mild,

said yes to the Archangel to carry God’s child.

A loving mother to this Son

whose life was given for everyone.

So let us accept God’s gift with our hearts open wide

and may we live a life more holy

with Mary as our guide.