When we open our hearts to God as Mary our Blessed Mother did in her lifetime and allow Him to work through us as He did with Mary—we have everything we need in life.  We have God.  How much or how little we accumulate in terms of material goods during our lifetime is meaningless, when we see what it truly means to magnify the Lord.

Whatever we do in life, we should use the opportunity to draw closer to God and allow Him to use us in carrying out His plan on earth. We may not always understand God's plan.  What Mary did not understand, Our Lady pondered in her heart. More importantly, when we allow God into our hearts, our outlook and priorities change.

The sacrifices we make and the challenges we meet are no longer overwhelming because with God, there is nothing we cannot handle. God will provide us all that we need to live the life He wants us to live.

Let us look at Mary—the Mother of God.  Mary endured challenges, sacrifices, and pain in her lifetime, but she knew the purpose—to bring our Savior into the world and to magnify the Lord.  We too have a purpose—to keep Jesus in the world and by being Christ-like in our daily living, we can be active participants in our salvation and the salvation of the world. 

Yes, we may falter at times, which is why we have the sacrament—the gift—of penance and reconciliation.  When we go to confession, we are given the chance to start fresh, to grow in faith, and succeed in doing God’s Will.  So let us accept God's will and abide by His way because living life for God's sake is the most fulfilling and rewarding way of life we will ever experience.  Let us continue our Journey.  #