You build your nest with twigs and straw


make your home up high.

You hope you'll do your very best,

despite a dark cloud

that's always nigh.

Who knows what that cloud will bring;

despite the worry

you choose to sing.

Yes, you sing!

You herald the first breath of Spring!


though that cloud is always near,

in your heart you try not to fear.

Remember, our Lord God is always here. 

True, that cloud may hide God's face,

but you are not alone on this earthly place.

The good Lord has sent many to fill His space.

So take wing and soar the sky;

you need not worry as the cloud rolls by.

You'll make your way

on this sun-kissed day.

So take wing

with the sparrow,

the blue bird,

and the starling.

Take wing


fly Sweet Robin fly!


Let us continue our journey.